On behalf of the Sausalito Sister Cities, Inc. (SSCI) Viña del Mar (VDM), Chile Operations Council and the Sausalito Sister Cities, Inc. Board of Directors we thank Sister Cities International for the very prestigious award for the Sausalito-Viña del Mar, Chile program for “Innovation in Business, Trade and Professional Exchange, for a population under 25,000.” This is the second time SSCI has been awarded national recognition by the Sister Cities International organization! The first was in 2016 for “Best Overall Program, for a Population under 25,000.”

Over the past 8 years our Sausalito Sister Cities, Inc. Viña del Mar Operations Council has been mentoring the businesswomen of the Asociacion Gremial de Empresarias Y Profesionales (AGEP-V) who have met with many of our Sausalito business women as well. We are so proud and grateful for our Viña del Mar program leaders Monica Finnegan, Chair and inspiration of the Viña del Mar, Exchange Program and Cathy Stierhoff for the excellent application describing the zoom events and outreach during Covid 2020 and 2021, with input and assistance from Viña del Mar, Operations Council members, Deana Kardel and Jan Swanberg. It has been a challenging time for our Sisters in Chile. We have definitely made a difference in their lives as they have in ours.

A special thank you to our Sausalito community of supporters, donors, volunteers and home-stay families, as they are truly our ambassadors! We all accomplish our goals with our community’s participation. Juli Vieira of the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce has been most helpful as well as our local businesses and citizens who embrace the SSCI mission and contribute to the success of our Sausalito Sister Cities, Inc. program.



Download the 2020 Sausalito-Viña del Mar Report