Apply to be a student delegate to Sakaide, Japan.

Thank you for your interest in being a student delegate to Sakaide, Japan! Below is the application process for student delegates:

If you have any questions, please contact: Carole Garcia, 415-497-5620.

An IMPORTANT NOTICE for Applicants requesting Financial Aid

SSCInc is dedicated to promoting and expanding cross-cultural and other relationships. As such, SSCI, Inc. makes every effort to remove any obstacles inhibiting qualified candidates from participating. This includes financial obstacles.

While we undergo a needs-blind process and interview all applicants before selection, we feel that we need to let you know that our ability to provide financial aid is solely dependent upon the amount of funds we are able to raise for this purpose each year.

Students who need financial aid may apply for it after they have been accepted into the program. Once accepted as a student delegate, the Financial Aid Application Form will be available. The program makes every effort to support students needing financial assistance. In some cases, we have been able to assist with a portion of a student delegate’s costs. However, all this means that you may be selected but not be able to go due to insufficient financial aid funds. We understand that some applicants may be disappointed but we are limited by the funds we have available.

We encourage candidates to find alternative ways to fund their trip through their own fundraising initiatives such a sponsored walk, appealing to family members, having a car wash, bake sale, or a jumble sale, or earning money in a job. We will know what we can offer for 2019 in May and after delegate selection.

Sausalito-Sakaide Sister City’s Financial Aid Request Form is to be completed and signed by the parents/legal guardian(s) and the student.